Pirater Camera Telephone – Digital Photography at Its Best

The Pirater Camera Telephone is a high-tech phone that uses an SD card to capture images. This phone is ideal for anyone who is into extreme sports and needs something sturdy to carry their camera gear. If you love outdoor sports, such as downhill snowboarding, mocomment pister un portabletaineering, mountain biking, etc, then the Pirater Camera Telephone is an excellent choice. You can set it up in minutes, and with voice activation it will even dial your destination on your automatically programmed list. No more fumbling around for a cell phone in the dark. Just plug in the SD card, speak into the microphone and take the shot.

To use this amazing device, simply activate the “self-timer”, “panic button” and also touch the power key. Within about a minute of your photos will be loaded onto your phone screen. You can either send them by email or save them to your computer for further editing. If you have the memory card already installed, simply plug in the SD card, use the provided USB cable to transfer the images to your computer, and you are ready to review, edit and even print your images.

The price of the Pirater Camera Telephone is a steal! At only 97 cents per unit, you are getting way more than what you pay for. Plus, it comes with a free French translation guidebook that will allow you to fully understand all the functional features and terminology used in the French. Plus, the phone comes with a two year limited warranty, so in case it breaks down you can easily get a new one.